Why Become A Lion

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life,  that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Regardless of the initial calling, most members recognize early on in the journey the powerful self-worth one gets from becoming part of something bigger than yourself.   For many, the journey of Lions is a transformational life experience.



When you join the Lions you become a member of the largest service club organization in the world. Lionism stretches around the world with 1.4 million members and 47,000 clubs in 200+ countries. As a member, you receive a Lions lapel pin to wear and no matter where travel that pin identifies you as a person who cares. Lions are always quick to spot fellow Lions and offer friendship and assistance.


Membership in a Lions Club offers opportunities for you to participate with a group helping those who are less fortunate rather than alone. Families and people in our communities have unmet needs, and Lions have accepted the challenge to help our fellow citizens. Giving within the group puts more impact, more effectiveness, behind our giving than if we stand alone. Together we can accomplish so much more.


There are many opportunities as an Orcas Island Lion to demonstrate your abilities. AS an active committee member or director, as an organizer or leader of a fundraising service project or social event.  As a member of the Club’s Board of Directors, as a Zone chair, District Governor or Lions Club International Officer. Every Orcas Lion is recognized in the community as a leader beginning the moment they are inducted into the Lions and Lions offer some of the best leadership training and resources available.


Not sure you’re ready. Volunteer through the Sunrise Volunteer Program. Sunrise Volunteers is simply an email list (currently about 80 islanders) of people willing to help whenever there is a need, willing to help whenever they are able. Since the Sunrise Volunteers’ inception last Fall, they have assisted nearly a dozen personal needs projects. A home fire victim received clothing and supplies, and was set up in housing within 12 hours of the fire. A single mom needed help to move a piano, and most recently an islander was set up (with the assistance of additional networking by Sunrise Volunteers) for an extended stay in Seattle for cancer care. To be added to the list, simply send your name and email address to sunrisevolunteers@orcaslions.org. When a need arises, you will receive an email outlining the situation and what is needed. If you can help, you help. If you can’t, then perhaps next time.